Reflections on visits to the Houses of Parliament and UK Supreme Court

Claire Chok Mann and Cheska Tatiana
LLB Students at the University of Hertfordshire


Reflections on the Houses of Parliament


Sir Charles Barry’s magnum opus truly captures the monumental culture and history of the United Kingdom. His romantic vision of a gothic palace manifested before our eyes. The Palace of Westminster; his crowning achievement. An air of excitement with a mixture of gasps and clicks of the camera hung in the air. The art connoisseurs and aesthetician amongst us law students, started to comment on the fine art and sculptures, which were interlaced with building’s grand architecture.

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Do the airstrikes in Syria have a legal justification?

Miranda Nixon and Abroo Khan
1st year undergraduate students in Law

On 2nd December 2015, Parliament voted in favour of a government motion to extend airstrikes to Syria from Iraq against the extremist group ISIS. A few hours later, the first airstrikes were carried out with a second dose followed up soon after. After the 2013 vote against military intervention in Syria have recent events such as the Paris attacks and the November UN resolution[1] changed the legality and the stance on attacking Syria?

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