About the Team

Dr Ermioni XanthopoulouLLB (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), LLM (Surrey, 1st), PhD (KCL), Thessaloniki Bar Association

Ermioni is a Law Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire since August 2015. She is teaching EU law, Constitutional Law and Politics and Human Rights. She was awarded her doctorate degree in July 2017 from King’s College London. With undergraduate law studies from Greece (Aristotle University in Thessaloniki) to France (University of Burgundy) and the UK (University of Surrey and King’s College London), a professional qualification to practice law in Greece, as well as some NGO volunteering (Amnesty International), she developed scholarly and research interests in law in the intersection of EU human rights, EU criminal and EU asylum law. Her research is driven by the imbalance between security and freedom and the position of the individuals in the area of freedom, security and justice of the EU. It also extends to refugee and migration matters and the cooperation and responsibility of EU states in this area.