Rape victims “raped all over again” during gruelling cross examinations

Chloe Jones
LLB Student at the University of Hertfordshire

Cross examination refers to the questioning of a party or witness during a trial, hearing or deposition by the opposing party whom require the person to testify, to enable them to evaluate the truth and reliability of their testimony, often to enable them to develop it further. The questions during cross-examination are limited to the subjects covered in the direct examination of the witness. Leading questions may be asked and a strong cross-examination can force contradictions and expressions of doubts. Cross examination on victims can be extremely difficult and personal, often involving reliving emotional periods of their lives. This particularly runs true to those involved in crimes of a sexual nature, such as sexual assault and rape. Continue reading “Rape victims “raped all over again” during gruelling cross examinations”


Reflections on visits to the Houses of Parliament and UK Supreme Court

Claire Chok Mann and Cheska Tatiana
LLB Students at the University of Hertfordshire


Reflections on the Houses of Parliament


Sir Charles Barry’s magnum opus truly captures the monumental culture and history of the United Kingdom. His romantic vision of a gothic palace manifested before our eyes. The Palace of Westminster; his crowning achievement. An air of excitement with a mixture of gasps and clicks of the camera hung in the air. The art connoisseurs and aesthetician amongst us law students, started to comment on the fine art and sculptures, which were interlaced with building’s grand architecture.

A word of advice, have a hearty meal and ensure that your photo-taking device is fully charged before you start on your adventure. Continue reading “Reflections on visits to the Houses of Parliament and UK Supreme Court”